Jack Cashman

Available Feb. 2

From the critically acclaimed author of An Irish Immigrant Story, One Man’s Mission, Three Steps to the Making of an Assassin, and the Amazon-Best Selling American Valor,

An Irishman’s Story of Survival

Kevin O’Donnell is grappling with life’s relentless waves that seek to subdue him. In the turbulent era of mid-20th century, the world could be a harsh, unforgiving place for a young Irish lad.

Yet, within Kevin lies a burning desire to carve out his niche, to transcend the barriers that life hurls his way and grasp the reins of a fulfilling existence.

An Irishman’s Story of Survival is available for pre-order now from Austin Macauley Books, and will be on sale at fine independent bookstores everywhere and online retailers on Feb. 2.

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